She Said (2022)

“New York Times reporters Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor break one of the most important stories in a generation – a story that helped ignite a movement and shattered decades of silence around the subject of sexual assault in Hollywood.” – IMDB

She Said (2022)

There are two things that She Said does extremely well:

1. Although the story of Harvey Weinstein is well known, this film does a wonderful job of focusing not just on the reporters who helped break the story, but specifically on the victims. At the time, when the story was coming out, it felt overwhelming to sift through all of the pages of reports about Weinstein’s abuse. However, this film reminds you of the life-altering effects that his abuse had on dozens and dozens of women, as well as their families. It also reminds you of the courage these women had in speaking out. In a story involving abuse, it is important that victims stories are highlighted, but never exploited and this film does a good job of respecting that balance.

2. It follows the important criteria that make up a good journalism movie. Like its predecessors, All The President’s Men and Spotlight (among others), it does its best not to glamorize the process. It also does an incredible job of slowly dialing up the tension throughout the film so that by the end, the publishing of a story leaves you holding your breath in a way that is comparable to watching the action hero save the world in another film.

Although Spotlight is still my favorite of these types of films, She Said does an excellent job of walking audiences through an important, recent, and culturally impactful story.

Rating: 8 out 10 Claire Bears


If you like this movie, you should also watch: Spotlight, All the President’s Men

Streaming: Peacock

With: Zoe Kazan, Carey Mulligan, Lola Petticrew

Directed By: Maria Schaefer

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